We are aiming to be one of the world’s highest quality platforms for “players”

About LAMM the company

LAMM has no employees. It is a collective where participants who share similar interests and values try to create new value. It has liquidity as a form of business and organization.

But I don't want to gather many partners. Because we have an axis of values that we don't want to shift, and it’s not easy to find someone who matches it. However I don't think it's better to have less.



Vision Aiming to be the world's highest quality “play” platform where people can concentrate on “play” and realize their dreams.

Previously I lost my chance not knowing how to turn my abilities into value and generate profits. But I can’t accept the common sense of the general public, so I'm seriously trying to “play” with my abilities. My dream is to create the only platform in the world where people can immerse themselves in play and to share the highest qualities of Japan with people from overseas.

  1. Encourage Japanese content exports and expand Japanese content industry
  2. Create meaningful and sustainable products that are not only popular trends but
  3. Work with companies and talents (artists and athletes)



Business Delivering Japanese culture to people around the world.

Harajuku, Kawaii, Anime, etc. are all things that are recognized globally as Cool Japan.

There are many overseas artists who are not satisfied with the limited information that is generally available to the public. Japanese culture is curated and edited for the public domain. It reminds me of Tokyo in the 1990s when Japanese young people formed cool cultures and fashion information from all over the world and imitated them to create their own culture.

We want you to go to Japan, get excited, have experiences you can't get in other countries, and soak in unforgettable memories. Would you like to provide such a service?
We will use little known cultural resources to create new services.

LAMM’s entertainment(Media)

LAMM is being promoted on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. We want to show a niche area of Japanese culture that is not often recognized by foreigners.

LAMM’s hometown (location)

The room and workplace of the creative director “JILL LAMM” will be released to customers.

Original LAMM(Goods)

LAMM original products are being produced by merging Japanese pop culture and Japanese manufacturing.

Company of LAMM

One of the best high-quality professional groups in Japan who are serious about what they like and follow the values of LAMM.



ONLINESHOP メードインジャパン商品とボーンインジャパンカルチャーのコラボレーション

日本の最高品質のみを扱う店舗を持たないオリジナルストア「Original Lamm」。お買い上げいただいた収益は、世界一ハイクオリティな遊び人のためのプロジェクトへの投資に変わる応援型のECサイトです。




Apparel production is a complex process often involving an international supply chain which must respond rapidly to