What made you decide to create LAMM?


-Let’s hear from Nico LAMM a.k.a JILL.O, the founder of LAMM!

“Some people get to live life doing what they love.” Isn’t that a phrase we’ve all heard at least once before? Most of my friends live the standard kind of lifestyle, working day to day jobs to make enough money to get by. I’ve actually gone through many creative positions at work, from low to high end jobs but I couldn't shake a sort of unsatisfactory feeling. Perhaps it’s because I had been doing work I enjoy; work that even deviates from societal standards, but I haven’t been able to work on something born from my own values.

I realized that and decided that before I die I will put out something that declares my own personal values. I started to think that by doing so I could help others who might be earning to do the same. I believe that the world will become more energized by increasing the number of people who want to work on things that they enjoy.


ONLINESHOP Merging Japanese pop culture and Japanese manufacturing

LAMM original products are being produced by merging Japanese pop culture and Japanese manufacturing. All of the design, production and printing portrays the maker's feelings, and aims to be a manufacturer that minimizes waste and is uninfluenced by current trends.
We will continue to increase the number of products based on the following three points: “Clear minded people involved with an emphasis on traceability”, “Minimize the amount of waste”, and “Educate the world about the value of Japanese manufacturing” .




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