What is LAMM? Please tell us.

About LAMM the Community or project

About LAMM the Community or project

LAMM has no employees. It is a collective where participants who share similar interests and values try to create new values. It has liquidity as a form of business and organization.

But I don't want to gather many partners. Because we have an axis of values that we don't want to shift, and it’s not easy to find someone who matches it. However I don't think it's better to have less.

We will talk to each other carefully, and when our feelings and merits match, we will finally join hands and say, “Let's start together”.

Of course, aesthetic sense and culture similarities are important, but the most important link is that you know you strove to do what you enjoy, work on it seriously, and value the quality of the service you produce.

And I am working with the awareness that I am providing services, not just hobby groups. By emphasizing the link of values of one's own quality as the core of each individual, the quality of this group will be improved.


About LAMM the icon We say “I am LAMM.”

Let’s talk about our creative director "JILL LAMM". She is the symbol of LAMM. and represents the will of the group. While having the business concept of creators with careers, they can create works that capture young people's emotions, objectively see Japanese trends, and uncover domestic cultural resources that Japanese have overlooked- This is a “personality media” that develops skills and personality with love.

This LAMM character was born with the aim of promoting cultural exchange using motifs that are commonly loved by people from diverse cultural spheres, such as Japanese youth, middle-aged, and foreigners. LAMM will continue to run a business that connects people with common values and leads to new friendships.

And unlike mere characters, LAMM provides the service framework and criteria. In other words, the LAMM criteria that “LAMM values this” is the standard that participants feel.


ONLINESHOP Merging Japanese pop culture and Japanese manufacturing

LAMM original products are being produced by merging Japanese pop culture and Japanese manufacturing. All of the design, production and printing portrays the maker's feelings, and aims to be a manufacturer that minimizes waste and is uninfluenced by current trends.
We will continue to increase the number of products based on the following three points: “Clear minded people involved with an emphasis on traceability”, “Minimize the amount of waste”, and “Educate the world about the value of Japanese manufacturing” .




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